Branch is recognized as a Certified Business Enterprise Program (BEP). As a result, we contract with larger organizations providing mental health/behavioral health services in order to reach vulnerable and disenfranchised populations. We have maintained successful relationships with the following organizations:

Branch provides individual and group domestic violence counseling in the WINGS safe housing program, to those who have been impacted by intimate partner violence.

Branch provides non-judgmental, mental health services to participants in the PACPI program in order to assist with the promotion of health and well-being of families.

Branch provides Fitness of Duty assessments for companies and their employees. The assessments are completed on employees in order to provide a safe workplace. It is important that employees are able to perform the essential duties of their jobs in a safe, secure, productive, and effective manner, without presenting a safety hazard to themselves, other employees or the public.

Companies who are interested in collaborating or contracting with Branch, please feel free to contact Nikia Thompson at 773.238.1100 or